2011-05-31 03.12.11Selected Publications


Stanger-Hall, K. F., Sander Lower, S. E., Lindberg, L., Hopkins, A., Pallansch, J., & Hall, D. W. (2018). The evolution of sexual signal modes and associated sensor morphology in fireflies (Lampyridae, Coleoptera). Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 285(1871), 20172384.

Lower, S. S., Johnston, J. S., Stanger-Hall, K. F., Hjelmen, C. E., Hanrahan, S. J., Korunes, K. & Hall, D. (2017) Genome size in North American fireflies: Substantial variation likely driven by neutral processes. Genome Biology and Evolution, 9(6), 1499-1512,

Hall, D. W. 1, Sander, S. E.1, Pallansch, J., & Stanger-Hall, K. (2016) The evolution of adult light emission color in North American fireflies. Evolution, 70(9), 2033-2048.

Sander, S.E. & Hall D.W. (2015) Variation in opsin genes correlates with signaling ecology in North American fireflies. Molecular Ecology, 24(18), 4679-4696.

Sander, S. E., Altizer, S., de Roode, J. C., & Davis, A. K. (2013). Genetic factors and host traits predict spore morphology for a butterfly pathogen. Insects4(3), 447-462.

Temeles, E. J., Koulouris, C. R., Sander, S. E., & Kress, W. J. (2009). Effect of flower shape and size on foraging performance and trade-offs in a tropical hummingbird. Ecology90(5), 1147-1161.

Temeles, E. J., Shaw, K. C., Kudla, A. U., & Sander, S. E. (2006). Traplining by purple-throated carib hummingbirds: behavioral responses to competition and nectar availability. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology61(2), 163-172.


Faust, L., de Cock, R., Stanger-Hall, K., Marion, Z., & Sander, S. (2012). Allegheny National Forest June 2012 Firefly Survey: Forest and Warren Counties, PA.


Fallon, T. R.1, Lower, S. E.1, Chang C., Bessho-Uehara, M., Martin, G. J., Bewick, A. J., Behringer M., Debat, H. J., Wong, I., Day, J. C., Suvorov, A., Silva, C. J., Hall, D. W., Schmitz, R. J., Nelson, D. R., Lewis, S., Shigenobu, S., Bybee, S. M., Larracuente, A. M., Oba, Y., Weng, J. (2017). Firefly genomes illuminate the origin and evolution of bioluminescence. Biorxiv: 10.1101/237586.

1 Equal contribution

Photo credit: Sarah Lower


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